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2021 All-Star Information


June 1st 5:30-6:30 Softball 
    Community Stadium
         5:30-6:00 9/10/11 year olds (minors)         
         6:00-6:30 10/11/12 year olds (majors)   

June 1st 5:30-6:30 Baseball       
       Lions Field  
          4:30-5:30 12/13/14 (jrs)
      Fischer Field
         5:30 -6:30 10/11/12 year olds (majors)   
         6:30 -7:30 8/9/10/11 year olds (minors)   

Baker City - June 18th to 25th

STATE: (State dates are not all set in stone)
8-10 Boys D4      July 27-30, 2021 - Hillsboro
8-10 Girls D6      July 23-26, 2021 - Medford
9-11 Boys D1       Mid July,  2021 - Scappoose
9-11 Girls D6       July 23-26, 2021 - Medford
10-12 Boys D2     Mid July, 2021 - Reynolds/Portland
10-12 Girls D5     July 15-20, 2021 - La Pine
Interm D4  Mid    July,  2021 - Klamath Falls
Junior Boys D7    July 17-18, 2021 - Salem
Junior Girls D3    July 8-11, 2021-  La Grande

Dates & Locations to be updated soon!

All Stars

La Grande Little League
All-Stars Information

Welcome to All-Stars! 

Here you will find information on the post-season tournament, known as All Stars.

The Little League Baseball and Softball World Series are international tournaments held by Little League. Since 1947, the baseball tournament has been held annually in August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania and broadcast nationally on ESPN.

To qualify for the Little League World Series, teams from local Little Leagues across the world begin competition at the District level. Winning teams advance to the state and regional levels, before qualifying for the World Series.

Subject to manager, coach, and player availability, LGLL may apply for the following All Star teams:

*Age 8, 9 and 10 Year Old Baseball and Softball
*Age 9, 10 and 11 Year Old Baseball and Softball
*Age 10, 11 and 12 Year Old Baseball and Softball
*Age 11, 12 and 13 Year Old Baseball Intermediate (50/70)
*Age 12, 13 and 14 Year Old Baseball and Softball Junior 

The tournaments start at the District level, and teams must win their way to advance through the International Tournament. The 8- to 10-Year-Old and 9- to 11-Year-Old Tournaments culminate at the State Level, while the Little League, Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball, Junior League, and Senior League divisions all conclude at a World Series Tournament.

In all divisions, any eligible player who has participated in 60 percent of the regular season games by the start of Tournament Play in their respective district is eligible to play. All players who meet all residency/school, age, and participation eligibility requirements  can be nominated for All-Stars. 

What to know more? Click here for a helpful article from Little League themselves! 


It is an honor to be selected as a member of an All-Star team!

There is also a substantial commitment of time and effort required to participate. Teams typically practice multiple times per week beginning the first or second week of June. The number of practices and scrimmages vary by team, but four to six afternoon, evening, or weekend practices or scrimmages a week is common.

All-Stars ends whenever tournament competition ends. The district tournaments usually begin the last week of June or first half of July. The district tournaments may end as late as mid-July. Teams that win their district tournament advance to their respective Oregon state tournaments, which may occur in mid to late July. Most tournaments are double elimination. This means that teams will play until losing twice. The goal for teams is to progress as far into tournament play as possible.

Players must make best efforts to attend all practices and scrimmages during the All Star season. Players must be available for all games until their team is eliminated from tournament play.





 Little League International recommends the that parents complete the school enrollment form in lieu of uploading the 3 residency documents.

A new form is required every year. If you complete a school enrollment form you do not have to upload other 3 residency documents.

School attendance shall be established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1, 20XX , and with the physical location of the school, from ONE of the following categories to determine school attendance by such player:
*A Little League-issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal, or administrator authorized to sign on behalf of the school.

A school issued report card or performance record is NOT accepted to establish school attendance. 



Three documents - One from each Group (1, 2 and 3) below. 

NOTE 1:  Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document.

NOTE 2: Certain documents may be used in different Groups, but will count for only one Group per child. Example – If a water/sewer bill is used to satisfy Group II as a municipal record, that same bill CANNOT be used as a utility bill to satisfy Group III.

NOTE 3: Documents must be in full. You may black out information. No pictures of envelopes will be accepted

**If you complete and upload a school enrollment form you DO NOT have to upload these documents**

Group 1Group 2Group 3
1. Driver’s License1. Welfare/child care records1. Voter Registration
2. School records2. Federal records (Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)2. Utility bills (gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, waste disposal)
3. Vehicle records (Registration, lease, etc.)3. State records3. Financial records (loan, credit, investments, etc.)
4. Employment records4. Local (municipal) records4. Medical records
5. Insurance documents5. Support payment records5. Internet, cable, or satellite records
6. Homeowner or tenant records
7. Military records


The Player's Birth Certificate is required to confirm their age and if they're being placed in the correct Division. An alternative to a Birth Certificate is shown below.
Need to get one on order? Click here for a fast & secure ordering service!



When an “Acceptable Proof of Birth” as described previously is not available, then the appropriate number of items in EACH of these FOUR groups are required so that the participant may obtain a “Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Proof of Birth,” which is required for such a participant to be eligible for regular season or tournament play:

Group 1

Any one (1) of the following, provided the date of birth is listed:

-a naturalization document issued by the United States Department of Justice;

-photocopy of birth certificate;

-original birth certificate or government record of birth if not containing a filing, recording, registration, or issue date within one (1) year of the date of birth;



Group 2

Any two (2) of the following, provided the date of birth is listed:

-Baptismal Certificate;

-Certificate of Blessing;

-Certificate of Dedication;

-Certificate of Circumcision or any other religious-related certificate;

-Hospital Certificate;

-School Record (must be dated, and date of issue must be at least two years prior to current season);

-Social Security document;

-Welfare Department document; adoption record.

Any item in this group must be an original document, not a copy;


Group 3

Any two (2) of the following:

-A written, signed, and notarized statement from

.... the doctor who delivered the child;

.... a hospital administrator where the child was delivered;

.... the principal or headmaster of the school the child attends;

.... a Social Worker with personal knowledge of the child’s date of birth;

.... a Priest, Rabbi, Minister, Mullah, or other titled religious figure with personal knowledge of the child’s date of birth;

.... the child’s pediatrician or family doctor.

NOTE: In each statement in Group 3, the writer must describe his/her responsibilities or his/her relationship to the child, and must attest to his/her personal knowledge that the child was born on the date claimed;


Group 4

A written, signed, and notarized statement from one or both parents, or the legal guardian (as appointed by a court of jurisdiction), attesting to the date of birth claimed.


All-Stars Coaching

The Board of Directors selects All-Star managers.

The key criteria for selection include:

*Time availability
*Commitment to manage

Past coaching experience that indicates a proper orientation to sportsmanship, fairness, and the league's values.
Knowledge of the game and ability to teach. 
Support of the manager among fellow regular season managers and coaches.
Ability to work with other coaches on the team and communicate with the players' families. 

Managers may select two assistant coaches, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
Managers and coaches must be regular season team managers and coaches.

2021 All-Stars Coaching Application

All-Star Sponsor Registration

La Grande Little League All-Star Sponsor

As the teams are formed for All-Stars the coaches are required to start to prepare their uniforms.
La Grande Little League provides: Uniforms, Hats/Headbands, and covers the registrations for the teams.
Coaches typically order pants and socks, as well as other items the teams might need during the tournament play.



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